Meet Melanie Gaydos, The Model With A Rare Genetic Disorder Breaking Fashion Boundaries


This unusual hottie was born with ectodermal dysplasia, and she’s causing an uproar in the fashion industry. Ectodermal dysplasia isn’t one syndrome, but rather a cluster of syndromes originating from abnormal ectodermal structures. This has also resulted in partial blindness due to damaged corneas.

28-year-old Melanie Gaydos was born with this genetic disorder, and says she thought she would end up a recluse, but she’s actually turned out to be a fabulously inspirational role model in the fashion industry.

Apparently, she was first met with some disrespect in the fashion industry due to her unusual looks. Melanie’s disorder affects her teeth, bones, pores and cartilage, leading to a highly unique and otherworldly look. Only recently with her social media support from her over 120k fans, she has found more mainstream acceptance.

She refuses to change her looks with dentures, fake hair or surgery, and shows anyone who stands out from the crowd that being different is a blessing, not a curse. Melanie never thought modelling would be her main source of income – she thought she might be a famous artist one day, but a reclusive one that hid from society. We’re so glad she lets her light shine through to the public and her IG is so fierce.

She was first discovered by famous photographer Eugenio Recuenco, after writing a fan letter to him. As a response, he flew her out to Berlin for a Rammstein music video he was directing. Now she’s in Seattle, taking a break from NYC, and has found peace and success.


She looks like a magnificent sculpture made out of porcelain, and is clearly a work of art in herself. She either looks like a poetic Renaissance character, or a punk rock goddess that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Photographers are obsessed with her, and for good reason!

Melanie says, “My body doesn’t bother me in any way”. She did try dental fixtures for a few months but decided to stick with her natural self in the end. “Having teeth just made other people around me feel better”. And isn’t that a lesson on confidence for all of us! Keep what makes you feel like you, not what makes others around you more comfortable since now you’re “normal.”

Her posing game is also at 110% – this shot with the horns is seriously channeling Alex McQueen alien colony queen here. A lot of her poses are pretty risqué (we included some of the more family friendly ones here), but it shows that she is truly comfortable with her body, and isn’t trying to hide it from the world.

And she embraces her alien vibes fully! We’re so into her bold green-all-over look with a mischievous head tilt, as if to say, “Yeah I’m from another planet, you want to mess with me?”

We hope the fashion industry realizes that they’re lucky to have this beautiful art graduate, and glad that it’s slowly becoming a little more inclusive (even though we’re bummed Melanie had to experience any disrespect because she’s a #1 in the Bad Gyal department).

Oh, and she wants you to stop asking about her teeth. She says people constantly ask her how she eats without teeth, but compares it to people without legs that run marathons. “It’s all about perception” she says. Since her life was spent without dentures, adding them was more of an obstacle after more than two decades of getting used to one way of living. And FYI, she eats a lot!

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