Meet Ben Hanisch, Amy Schumer’s Smoking Hot New Boyfriend

I’m not sure what Amy Schumer wanted for Christmas, but it seems like she got the perfect present from Santa this year. The “Inside Amy Schumer” star is no longer single. This funnywoman has a new man – it’s official now! His name is Ben Hanisch, and he is a successful, yet very hot, Chicago-based furniture designer. He has his own furniture design company named The Last Workshop (can’t help but say it – he’s like a living version of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend Aiden from “Sex and the City”.)

The couple has already gone social-media official, sharing their sweet photos together on Instagram and Twitter.

On New Year’s day, Ben posted a photo of Schumer and himself with the most adorable capture ever: “Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here’s to what adventures 2016 brings!” It’s time to say “Awww”, girls.

Amy commented on this without delay, joking: “I’m pregnant. I didn’t know how else to tell you.”


Later, the happy couple was seen together while Schumer was visiting the White House on Tuesday, which means Hanisch has already met Amy’s friends and family. And they seem pretty excited about him.

Well, we’re so thrilled that Amy Schumer found a man who “constantly tells her how pretty, sexy and perfect she is”. She definitely deserves it. And we really hope this will be a very good year for this new and amazing couple.

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