Meet Afro Disney – The Insta Account Repping Black Disney Characters

Meet Afro Disney. It’s s social media homage to black artists, creators, and other culture icons. Along with giving black artists shoutouts and the recognition they deserve, this account is an empowering tribute to the current black Lives Matter revolution that we see happening around the globe.

Here’s one definite celebration of African American culture in the media – the iconic Jordan Peel film, Us. This piece of digital illustration looks almost like a comic art. Illustration. When you swipe, you see another beautiful interpretation of these characters, holding hands in solidarity.

Here is a take on a popular animated series, with the women made up in Black Panther looks, raising their firsts in solidarity. From Garnet to Canary, their outfits are fire, and this image speaks volumes.

Look at the cheekbones on this buzzed and melanated beauty. Her features are stunning, and the burnt orange background really allows her amazing skin tone to shine. The artist herself said that dark skin is her favorite to paint, since “painting those highlights was just so satisfying.”

This is a heartbreaking piece by @el.carna celebrating the life of George Floyd. Redrawn as a constellation in the stars, he is still there to guide his daughter with his spirit as she grows up. His hand holding that little backpack get us every time.

You don’t often see black love in families depicted in such a positive way. Here, two natural haired beauties, wife and daughter, dole out cheek kisses to the beloved man in their lives. We love that the ladies hare rocking their natural hair, and that mom has a headscarf on.

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