Massive Pink Fluffy Dresses Are A Thing Now

If you love pink fluffy dresses but haven’t worn them since you were 6 and it was acceptable –
we have good news for you. They’re back and they’re fluffier than even. We’ve seen a whole lot of celebs donning huge fluffy dresses in baby pink, millennial pink and every other shade of pink you can think of. And the celebs in question aren’t kid celebs or teens, they’re grown women dressed in a pink cloud of tulle or even feather. It seems like now to make a statement and be super extra you no longer have to show a lot of skin or wear skintight minis. You can dress as a pink princess and be in the spotlight. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite pink fluffy looks that celebs have been wearing lately and got a wave of admiration from fashionistas all over the globe.

1. Jennifer Lopez wore a massive pink Giambattista Valli dress to the New York premiere of Second Act. Not only did it impress everyone who attended and the fans, but even little girls fell in love with her dress. One particularly young fan recreated the look and got to meet her icon.


2. Rihanna is known for wearing outrageous things. We’re not even sure if she wears them to make a statement or if she just wears them casually cause she’s Rihanna and we’re the ones making a huge deal out of it. For example when she showed up late for the Grammys in a big fluffy pink dress by Giambattista Valli she admitted that she bought it online.

3. Rihanna also chose a pink frilly dress by Giambattista Valli (are you seeing a theme here?) for the LA Premiere of Valerian. This one however was lighter in color, more of a millennial pink and asymmetrical. Short and sweet in the front, long and rather regal looking in the back.

4. Dua Lipa also made quite a statement with her princess pink dress at the Brit Awards. Guess who was she wearing. Yup, Giambattista Valli. At this point the formula for success is cracked – big fluffy and frilly pink dresses by Giambattista Valli are a recipe for success.

5. Tracee Ellis Ross basically pulled a Rihanna at the Emmys when she wore the pink Valentino Haute Couture dress. At that point everyone else should’ve just given up and realized that she’s the star of the night and no one will be able to top that over the top look.

6. Kim Kardashian also jumped on the bandwagon, or did she start it? It’s honestly hard to tell these days. The point is, she traded her usual skin tight dresses and fancy athleisure outfits for a fluffy pink Off White dress for one of her photoshoot. Those small pointy glasses only added to her look, after all, Kim is the queen of extra looks. As you may guess, she chose Giambattista Valli’s dress for this photoshoot.

7. The trend for massive pink tulle dresses even made it into the hit BBC show Killing Eve, where the main character has a love for designer dresses (some people still only know London-based fashion designer Molly Goddard for this stunning pink dress in the show). Fans of the show particularly liked the pink dress look so much they tried to copy it for Halloween. That’s how you know something’s really made an impact – when people choose to wear it as a costume.

8. Last but not least, Lady Gaga’s choice for the Venice Film Festival red carpet walk. She wore the biggest, fluffiest and pinkest Couture Valentino princess gown and she looked more amazing than ever before.

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