Marc Jacobs Publicly Documenting His Plastic Surgery

Listen, we all know that celebrities and rich people do all sorts of things to look good and stay young. But a lot of the time they do these things in secret and later on diminish the extent of what they did or deny ever having work done. In most cases, we’re just left comparing the pictures of them and speculating what work they had done. But Marc Jacobs is different. He’s all about sharing his life and apparently now this willingness to share also extends to his plastic surgery. 

Marc Jacobs chose a very interesting way to announce his plastic surgery – by posting a photo of himself on Instagram post-op, and we mean like, 1 day post-op, bandages, bruises and all. Marc Jacobs captioned it with #livelovelift, which just shows that he’s got a great sense of humor.

Since then he’s been posting photos of himself day by day, captioning them how many days post-op he is and documenting the changes that his face is going through as the swelling goes down and bruising disappears. He’s also been spending a few hours every day in a special oxygen tank which is meant to help with healing. 

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