Make a Face for the #Jacquemusathome Challenge on IG


We’re entering a new phase of quarantine, where all of us are
going stir crazy with cabin fever. To entertain yourself, people are doing
things that they never imagined they’d be bored enough to do. Enter the  #jacquemusathome challenge. In it, Simon Porte Jacquemus orders that
you must make faces out of items in your house. This is the ultimate way to
pass time, and you’ll probably find things you forgot you ever had in the first
place. It’s a way to bring communities together and unite the human race during
this mandatory time of

1. This is one of the first examples that Simon made himself.
Call this one a deconstructed take on pasta. Around a roughly sketched face,
wavy hair is made out of pasta noodles, while cherry tomatoes make for some
gorgeous dangling earrings.

2. Here, the designer decided to infuse a little color on his
white paper canvas. Eyeballs are made up of two oranges, while lips are made
from delicate petals, and the hair is a funky purple netted bag.

3. For Jacquemus’s
final look, he got extra creative and used one of his very own shirts (which we
now want immediately.) Some bone structure is made from a neon lanyard, while
eyes are narrow due to matches. The lips are a laundry pin, and we want a video
with a talking edition.

4. This look makes curly hair out of what looks like white
ribbons, while a ring is used as a single earring. The face is very Picasso
like, and we love those toothpicks for a nose.

5. Meet the fruit salad who has an affinity for Jacquemus accessories. A mini clutch and an
orange make up the eyes, while a curved banana adds a playful smile to the mix.

6. We can tell that this took a while to play out, and adore the
imagination. Unsure what the hair )or eyebrows?) are made out of, but some
citrus fruits, a plant, and a feather add structure to this oddball look.

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