Magnificent Prom Dress Made Out Of Trash Bags

Have you ever been called trashy? The best way to deal with it is to use your sense of humor. Amber Scholl, a famous you-tuber and DIY queen has managed to take a comment she gets very often and turn it into a work of art. Apparently a lot of people joke that she could literally wear a trash bag and look amazing in it. Well, she took that idea, applied some creativity and made a phenomenal looking prom dress. She documented the whole process in a youtube video, starting with going shopping for supplies and ending with the finished look. Amber herself couldn’t believe how well this whole project turned out. She started it kind of as a joke, but in the end she seems quite chuffed with her creation and says this might be her best DIY yet. The internet certainly agrees. Take a look.

So first she came up with the basic idea of what her trash dress will look like.

Then she bought some trash bags


Some scotch tape

A very basic but supportive bodysuit


Doesn’t look very promising at this point, does it? Well just you wait.

She then went on to make some small roses out of trash bags to decorate the bodice of her dress.



And she did quite a lot of them to cover up all of the bodysuit.

She then went on to make bigger roses that would go onto the bottom of the dress.


She just found an old long skirt in her closet and used that to make the bottom of the dress.

She glued on the bigger roses to the bottom using fabric glue and scotch tape.


And what do you think the result was like?

Would you call this trashy or gorgeous?

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