Lil Kim Claps Back At 50 Cent After He Compares Her To A Leprechaun

It’s been just revealed that Lil Kim clapped back at 50 Cent . Check out what he did!

Someone said: ‘But what is the actual need for trying to tear her down tho??? My community needs to do better smh,’ and another follower posted this: ‘Her clap back was too long. Lol she said a whole lot without saying anything at all.’

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A commenter said: ‘Kim does have the right to clap back , but 50 Cent never falling off sis.’

One other follower said: ‘Men who constantly disrespect women all the time,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Naw but he do be obsessed with her for no reason sheon be bothering nobody.’

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A fan posted this message: ‘Kim GIRL! u wrote a whole essay saying its not funny,’ and one other follower said: ‘Kim you just said a whole bunch of nothing lol.’

A fan posted this: ‘Why does 50 Cent make fun of the Black women he has worked with? First Naturi Naughton now Lil Kim,’ and a follower said: ‘Girl it was funny if you didn’t have a comeback just say that.’

Back in July, we revealed that 50 Cent   just started some more drama, like usual, this time with none other than Lil’ Kim! The man had to say something negative about the look she showed up in at the BET Awards and the female emcee was quick to clap back in the best way!

That’s right! As you can imagine, Lil’ Kim could not just let the shade from a fellow rapper slide without responding and she did it in such an epic way too!


She reposted the meme on her own IG account and wrote alongside it: ‘I ain’t bothered not one bit. My family and friends more mad than me. S**t like this don’t move me one way or another cause I am still a bad bi*ch that ni**az bi*ches, mommies, daughters, and aunties still want to be till this day and I love it!!’

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