LHHATL Star Eric Whitehead And Sierra Gates Open Up New Restaurant; Check Out More Of Their Plans


LHHATL star Eric Whitehead and Sierra Gates are opening a restaurant. Check out more of their plans below, as revealed by The Shade Room.

TSR notes that SierraGates and her boyfriend Eric Whitehead were moving into a brand new mansion in Atlanta and gave us an exclusive sneak peek.

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TSR said ‘Well fast forward a few months, and Eric and Sierra have even bigger things going on these days—including starting a new business together, expanding their family, and more. If you thought that Eric Whitehead and Sierra Gates were done leveling up and doing big things, you’re wrong, as the couple is just getting started. Speaking exclusively with The Shade Room, Eric informed us that he and Sierra are stepping into the restaurant industry.’

‘Things are going great with me and Sierra, and time is flying. We’ve been traveling the world, building, and eating good. And a lot of people do not even know this, but Sierra and I are actually working on opening a restaurant together. We are all about leveling up and expanding our businesses and what better way than together,’ he said.

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‘LHHATL’ fans have been wondering if wedding bells are in the future for Eric and Sierra. He said the following:

‘This woman is the love of my life, and I have already integrated her into my family. We are definitely heading in that direction because she’s the one I want to build with. I don’t know if she’s reading this, but it’s coming very soon.’

According to TSR, Eric also gave us heartbreaking news regarding the couple expanding their family, revealing that Sierra recently had a miscarriage.

‘Unfortunately, recently Sierra suffered a miscarriage that we have been supporting each other through, but God willing, I know that it’s going to happen for us soon,’ he said.

This is not the only change happening for Eric, as he also gave us the exclusive tea about splitting from his former business associates Brandon Medford and Dave Obaseki in his company PTG365.

Someone said: ‘I really love how they are making money together.’

A commenter posted this message: ‘Yes girl stand strong. God got a nice blessing for y’all !’

One other follower said: ‘Baby one thing about Sierra is she moves TF on with her life ok, I LOVE IT!’ and one other follower said: ‘


A commenter wrote this: ‘Im sorry bk ion agree with HOW she did u but …mr whitehead ain’t fuckin around ! he teaching her the game fr.’

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