Lady Gaga’s Greatest Christmas Gift Is Every Girl’s Dream

What do you get a woman who has everything? Gaga is incredibly successful and it looks like she has everything. And even if she doesn’t, she can probably buy whatever she wants. I mean, she won 6 Grammys already and she’s nominated for Golden Globes for Best Actress in miniseries or television film, for her role in American Horror Story. She’s loaded, there’s no question about it.

It’s difficult to shop for people like that. You can’t just get them anything. Since the price won’t impress them, the meaning behind the gift should. You have to get them a meaningful gift, or you know, give them something they’ve always wanted or dreamt about, but haven’t gotten around to getting.


Night my sweet girl

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That’s exactly what Lady Gaga got as an early Christmas present. Something every little girl has dreamt of – a white pony. Or to be more exact, a white majestic horse. Just like in a fairy tail. The only thing that could’ve made it better is if there was a knight in shining armor on top of that horse, ready to take her on a wild adventure. But Gaga already has a knight of sorts, her boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

Gaga seems to be incredibly happy with her new pet and has already posted several pictures of her beautiful new friend on instagram. “Today on my doorstep was delivered a White Angel from heaven. It felt like the old days of the record business, she’s such a spiritual girl! A heartfelt thank you to John Janick and Steve Berman, the whole Interscope family. I will ride, and care for, and love her forever. I was so surprised!” , reads the caption under the first instagram photo. There’s no doubt, they’ve clearly succeeded in giving Gaga the best gift ever.

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