Kim Kardashian is Officially a Billionaire

Kim Kardashian is crazy rich, well that whole family is. But it seems like she’s reached new heights and it’s a big enough deal to her that her husband Kanye West congratulated her on Twitter in the most bizarre way possible. But then again, it’s Kanye West we’re talking about so what else did you expect.

Apparently Kim sold some shares of her beauty company KKW Beauty to Coty Inc for 200$ million and that sale made her a billionaire. It’s hard to know for sure, because tracking celeb finances and net worth accurately is nearly impossible, and the rumor is that she’s in fact not quite there and has around $900 million to her name. But Kanye congratulated Kim on “officially becoming a billionaire”.

He posted a tweet in which he congratulated her on this achievement, and said he’s insanely proud of her. He also said that she’s been through a lot and having come out of this storm, she’s now being blessed by God. (more like the gods of capitalism, am I right?). Kanye accompanied this post with a picture of some veggies and called it still life because somehow this makes sense to him.

As a mere mortal, it’s hard to understand how selling around 30% shares of an insanely lucrative business for $200 million is somehow related to a photo of some tomatoes and flowers, but here we are.

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