Kate Middleton Style From Young Till Now

she has evolved through the years, Kate Middleton has become
something of a style icon for this era. Her style is classic and
elegant without being pretentious or appearing unreachable. But she
wasn’t always at the height of high fashion. Well before she was a
member of the Britsh royal family, she dressed more like the typical
civilian that she was
a duchess.
Since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of Prince
William, her style has grown, changed and matured with elegance and
timelessness. For the best look at her amazing transformation, here
is a glance at Kate Middleton’s style from young till now. 

Kate Middleton Style | Kate Middleton Style From Young Till Now | HerBeauty

Kate Middleton first became acquaintances with Prince William, they
were both enrolled at the University of Saint Andrews. During this
time, Kate’s style was a little more risque. She is known for
having modeled for Charlotte Todd in a transparent dress in March of
2002, which many sources say is when she initially caught the eye of
Prince Williams in a more romantic way. 

Charlotte Todd dress | Kate Middleton Style From Young Till Now | HerBeauty

2003, Kate and Prince William began officially dating, and the two
began appearing in the media together in 2004. Having actually gone
public that year, Kate’s style became more highly photographed. She
could be seen wearing typical “college girl” attire. On any given
day, Kate would wear something like a t-shirt, knee-high boots and a
knit skirt. 

College girl | Kate Middleton Style From Young Till Now | HerBeauty

the mid-2000’s Kate’s style began to change into a big more
elegant formal wear. She attended two royal weddings, where she
showed off stylish pieces, but still remained casual with a natural,
fresh-faced look. In 2006, she could even be seen wearing a super
casual outfit featuring a pair of plush Ugg boots. 


the first major break between Prince William and Kate, she was
spotted out in London partying with friends, wearing typical, casual
pieces for a night out. By 2008, the pair were back together and
appeared stronger than ever. Making their first appearance at a
formal royal event together that year, Kate dresses formal and
conservative for the occasion. 

Prince William and Kate | Kate Middleton Style From Young Till Now | HerBeauty

Kate and Prince William got engaged in 2010, Kate made her debut as a
royal fiance’ at a charity event in Norfolk, Britain –
she dressed the part of her pending royal status. She wore a
sophisticated black and white dress, paired with a velvety black
jacket and designer handbag. 

Kate's debut as a royal fiance | Kate Middleton Style From Young Till Now | HerBeauty

with the pregnancy with Prince George in 2013, Kate embarks on a more
refined, polished look. During and after both pregnancies, Prince
George and Princess Charlotte, Kate appears in elegant, artfully
chosen attire that reflects the mature, matriarchal figure she is
becoming. From 2013 to 2015, she wears pieces like a pale pink
Alexander McQueen coat, a double breasted dress and matching pillbox
hat by Jenny Packham, and a mint green tweed Mulberry coat. 

Beginning with the pregnancy with Prince George | Kate Middleton Style From Young Till Now | HerBeauty

From 2016 to present, Kate has continuously kicked her style up a notch, reaching icon status with a greater incorporation with classic, but stunningly gorgeous wardrobe choices. She has been seen in pieces like a form-fitting cream midi dress, a Gucci textured tweed dress, and a deep-green, fur-collared coat by Catherine Walker. 

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