Kardashians Without Makeup

The Kardashians are a legendary family. Whether you love them or hate them you’ve got to admit they’ve done an incredible job marketing themselves and now they’re not only uber-rich but also super famous and successful. And while they’re still filming god knows what season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians they all have a side business of their own that’s insanely successful because of their celebrity status and fame. They’re also known for being a very glamorous family. It seems like they’re always looking perfect, with a full face of makeup and a cool outfit. Even when they’re doing nothing and just hanging out at home they still have a perfect makeup look and a cute outfit to go with it. They seem to even look perfect when they’re working out. But have you seen what they look like without makeup? Do they look mostly the same but less done up or do they look completely different? Let’s take a look at the Kardashians without makeup.

Kim Kardashian West

It’s not a secret that Kim uses a lot of makeup, she has a makeup company, she loves makeup. Over the years we’ve seen her makeup looks change many times. She used to be all about smokey eyes, then she went all out with contouring, these days she usually sticks to neutral glam looks. But you know what, she looks absolutely fine without makeup too, her skin is incredible and it’s actually kind of nice to know she also gets under eye circles like the rest of us.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has revealed that her beauty and makeup routine has changed since she became a mother and these days she keeps her makeup quick and the less liquid products the better because she needs to keep an eye out for her daughter at all times and liquid things are messy. But she still makes sure to have a beauty routine to keep her skin looking good, and it shows. Even without makeup, she is glowing. Apparently, she just loves using all the oil you can on her face, neck and chest.

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