Kamala Harris Lands Cover Of Vogue, Causing Controversy

Guys, it’s official. Trump and Pence are finally out of office, and we’re more than ready to welcome in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Harris is the first woman of color to occupy this Vice President position, and feminists all over the globe are cheering her on. 

Half African American and half Indian, this VP is able to tackle issues from the unique perspective of marginalized people — a perspective that not many high-profile politicians have. Most recently, Kamala Harris was featured on the cover of Vogue. Before its big release, a copy of the publication’s February issue was leaked, and it’s not the photo you would expect. 

While the digital cover featured Harris in a light blue suit against a gold background, the print cover told a different story. In it, she’s wearing a much more casual outfit, with Converse sneakers, a white tee, and a black pantsuit. She poses in front of a pink and green drapery, which is a reference to her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. 

Some people seem to think that this casual photo was disrespectful, diminishing the importance of the VP-elect’s revolutionary victory. Others disagree, saying that the less formal choice was a better way to connect to the people during such a tumultuous time in the United States. Wintour claims that the photo is more accessible to the American people, more approachable, and a better representation of the Biden-Harris campaign.

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