Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Italian Wedding Plans

Just like millions of others, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have put their lavish Italian wedding on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They were planning to have their epic wedding this coming summer, but have postponed it for an unforeseen date, given the circumstances. It doesn’t help that their romantic destination of choice is pretty much the most infested country in Europe, with top global case numbers. The news was confirmed by Ellen DeGenerous, who Jennifer confided in. The couple are self-quarantining with their children Natasha (15), Ella (12), and J.lo’s 12-year-old twins Max and Emme.

Cancelling wedding plans

Sources say that the wedding was all pre-planned and pre-paid, which must have put a wrench in the perfectionist J.Lo’s beautiful plans. However, the gorgeous singer has been said that she wants to marry Rodriguez as soon as things go back to normal. The 50year-old still has her teenaged glow on her, and quarantine is treating the Latina just fine. Since the Superbowl, things have been going supremely well for this famous power couple.

A Call to IG

These two shared their own PSA of sorts on Instagram, giving a special shoutout to the frontline workers like nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff members working so hard around the clock. Currently, J.Lo and A-Rod are quarantined at home with their children.

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