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Jaw-dropping Designer Outfits Made From Cookies

Upon first glance at Liz Joy’s @inspiraredtotaste Instagram page, you might think she creates miniature items and figurines. You wouldn’t be wrong, but there’s one twist — they’re all edible.

Plenty of bakers have taken to IG with mesmerizing dessert artworks and close attention to detail, but Joy, an award-winning “dessert designer,” really takes things to the next level. From fashion creations to attention-grabbing creations for high-profile companies, Joy really does bring us joy. And makes us want to eat a lot of cookies.

Based out of LA, Joy creates custom, edible art for famous brands like Sephora, Forbes, Christian Louboutin, and Urban Decay. The thing we love most about this artist is how accessible she makes her glamorous, gorgeous art.

She has cookie decorating kits like this one, which allow you to create glammed up faces of makeup on your cookie. Her inspiration was makeup face charts where makeup artists experiment with looks and applications, but you can actually eat these afterward!

She got the texture of the clothing down perfectly — even the crinkled folds on the scarf. The outfit was inspired by Chloe pieces that were on Joy’s wish list since she wanted them immediately, she decided to bake a cookie version with royal icing and fondants. We would wear this outfit, but eating it sounds more affordable.

Yes, she does edible interior design as well. This queen’s creativity is insane! She calls it the “cookie room” ad we’re already in love with the style and color aesthetics — especially that abstract art! Commenters on the post ask: “When can we move in?”

She also has tons of online resources and tools to help you bake like her (ok, maybe not as amazing) such as dress-shaped cookie cutters (and DIY kits that include them) and fondant decorating tool sets.

The best part? She offers online classes and workshops along with these tools called the “Inspired to Taste Academy”, so you don’t have to panic when you attempt that next Pinterest project.


This gorgeous lingerie set (how does she get those folds so on point?) was inspired by Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Collaborating with @milkandcookiesco, Liz decided to create lingerie cookies that were inspired by Disney princesses. Um… can someone create this in real life so we can buy it immediately?

When you can’t afford Fendi accessories, you bake them and hope they manifest themselves into reality. Honestly, we have no shame about wearing dessert on our faces because the clean details on these cat-eyed glasses are making us swoon. And while we’re at it, would totally rock that micro-purse on our pinky!

She made this look for the Project Runway inspired show Making The Cut. This Very cool power move of a tux was inspired by contestant Esther’s rocker-chic aesthetic, which Liz Joy is obsessed with. After we get a look at the real-life version in the last slide, we can’t decide what we like better, the edible creation or the wearable one.

And cookies aren’t the only thing Liz has up her sleeves — she can also make you escape in one of her worlds with pies. These pies feature fully embellished flat-lay scenes that look like a painting, such as this Peter Pan cookie crust pie depicting Wendy. It tastes as good as it looks, with blueberry filling on a lemon-almond crust.

We can say with confidence that we’ve never gotten outfit inspiration from cookies, but this interpretation of a Ralph Lauren dress paired with Gianvito Rossi boots makes us wish that COVID-19 was over, so we could finally get a fancy and chic look again.

When the weather gets chilly, the perfect way to warm up is with a cozy crocheted beanie. Well… in a cookie form at least. Here, she was practicing piping knitted textures and ombre techniques. The ombre didn’t turn out as visibly as she wanted to, but we still think it’s pretty amazing!

For her Access Hollywood appearance, Joy got a chance to make cookie versions of celebrities like Mario Lopez and Scott Evans. The Mario cookie is covered in white chocolate marshmallow fondant, with royal icing for that fabulously detailed hair.

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