Jacquemus Grandma in the Look Book for his New Collection

We previously wrote about Simon Porte Jacquemus thanks to his unique take on artsy faces made out of household items. You might know this designer thanks to his chic outfits, and the fit models that usually wear them on his Instagram.

But with quarantine going on, many photoshoots are on hold. So this designer decided to employ his own family members as the models for his latest designs instead. This time around, the star of the Summer 2020 look-book is a little bit different than your standard model. Spoiler alert: it’s his grandma. Jacquemus’s grandmother’s name is Liline, and she’s our latest obsession.

If you’re throwing shade at that, you clearly have no sense of style or class, because this grandma is the coolest and the most beautiful look-book model we’ve seen in a long time. With the soft light and the natural set, no couture shoot can match the energy of this photo series. Also, can we get a shoutout for those striking silver roots?

Her years of wisdom and casual poses in the stunning designs (look at that slammin’ granny bod) make for a gorgeous look-book. The series of photographs was shot with the designer’s own smartphone. Fashion titans should really consider doing this more often instead of with a high-end camera. It comes across as more realistic and relatable than some size zero fashion fantasy anyway!

The background was dreamier than a pre-planned photoshoot, taking place in the French countryside. Think garden of Eden with candy colors and pastels. A botanical runway show, if you will. We can’t wait to see what else he does with the garden for future shoots. Also, how could we compliment the scenery without its most important accessory – that lovely golden retriever, who is Liline’s pup.

We also love that they integrated Liline’s own selfies along with her grandson’s shots of her. It’s all about how this queen sees herself, and not just some male gaze perspective. This gorgeous granny was the obvious choice for this campaign, and embodies the spirit of Simon Jacquemus – fun, chic, playful, and daring.


In a hot pink suit, she looks like a complete mafia boss. We particularly adore the golden yellow earrings that dangle and contrast beautifully with the pink against her summer tan. No one can replicate the sass of this star, and we hope that other fashion campaigns keep an eye out for her in the future.

Our favourite would have to be the green dress that billow out around her like a lovely flower. Known as La Robe Monsque Tiered Twill Maxi Dress, It shows off her Liline’s impressive physique impressively – we need to know what French women do to hold onto that fountain of youth.

Other favorites include the oversized white pantsuit that we can totally see Solange in, as well as that shot with her looking at a table filled with loads of the miniature Le Chiquito bags. Nothing in this shoot takes itself too seriously, but we still ended up falling in love with Liline. They also didn’t slack on the accessories. From chunky, hot pink earrings and floppy hats to holding handfuls of Simon’s famous bags, it gave us total dress-up vibes in the best way possible.

From her unparalleled swag and confidence to her out-of-the-box poses, it’s clear that this French matriarch isn’t just her grandson’s inspiration for the coming season – she’s been his inspiration and maybe even reason for designing his whole life. We hope that more brands and designers to start to utilize their grandparents as well as senior models.

Apart from being so inclusive, we simply appreciate the warm energy that this fashion shoot exudes. More often than not, fashion (especially on the page) can seem cold, unattainable, and distant. This shoot feels like the opposite. It blends the nostalgic comforts of childhood with warmth and familiarity. It takes clothing with complex engineering, and turns it into something easy that we understand and crave.

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