Is Kim Kardashian Preparing To Divorce Kanye West?

Rumors about an impending divorce of the high profile couple are circulating the media. But could this actually be true? Kim and Kanye have been married since 2014 and it seemed like they were meant to be together. But it looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Let’s see what’s all this about.

So what are these rumors based on? Kanye has been tweeting some very weird things lately and his failed presidential campaign also had an impact on his marriage with Kim. At first, it was easy to shrug it off and think of it as “Kanye West doing Kanye West things”. But later it became clear to both his friends and family, as well as his fans, that Kayne’s having a mental health flare-up. 

Kanye’s suffering from bipolar disorder and for a very long time, it looked like he was doing well. However, the worldwide pandemic impacted everyone, Kanye included, and it looks like he’s suffering the consequences. He’s been making rash statements on Twitter and even shared a very personal story about Kim and his first child, North, during one of his campaign speeches, which left Kim absolutely furious. 

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