Iconic Disney Princess Dresses


When talking about Disney Princesses you can’t help but mention their dresses. It’s such a big part of their aesthetic and their whole image. And what’s interesting is that over the years they have definitely influenced our style and fashion taste. Without even realising it, many find themselves looking for a wedding dress that will make them look just like Cinderella or picking a swimsuit that is surprisingly similar to Ariel’s. It’s all about the dress when it comes to Disney Princesses. So let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Disney Princess dresses.


First of all, we’ve got to mention Merida. Yes, she’s a newer edition to Disney classics, and she’s definitely a unique one. We love her spirit and her wild red curly hair, and her accent, but you know what else we love? Her dress, it’s not super glamorous, it’s actually rather simple, but it’s perfect for adventuring in, and the color compliments her so well. It’s giving us renaissance fair vibes and we love it.


Cinderella’s sprinkling blue gown is everything. It’s basically the epitome of princess gowns. So glamorous, so shiny, so poofy. It’s a classic when it comes to Disney dresses. Absolutely everyone remembers it and some even wear their own light-up version of it to the Met Gala. We’re talking about you, Zendaya.

Snow White

Snow White’s dress is quite unusual. It’s giving us a renaissance fair mixed with the Queen in a deck of playing cards kind of vibes. Like you can’t deny the fact that the collar is extreme and the color combinations are not what any of us would just think of. And yet it works, and it’s legendary and instantly recognizable. We’re pretty sure that it’s the instant recognition that makes it work.

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