How To Organise A Good Wedding During Lockdown

Were you planning on having your wedding this year but your county went into lockdown? Many have had to cancel or postpone their wedding plans due to the pandemic. This means a lot of lost deposits and dream destination weddings that just won’t happen any time soon. But if you just got engaged recently and were just at the beginning stages of wedding planning – there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The lockdown might sounds bad, but it’s a great opportunity to plan everything out, organize a lot of the things yourself and save money on the wedding planning companies. Here are a couple of suggestions and pointers on what you can do to organize a good wedding during lockdown.

1. Lock Down The Theme

A lot of the time people have a general idea of what they want their wedding to look like, but it’s hard to decide on the details in the moment so you hire a team, give them the general theme of the event and perhaps a pinterest board to base it off. However, now that you might have more free time during lockdown you can really choose and pick exactly what you want everything to look like.

2. Book Locations

Finding a location is the hardest part usually, because everything is booked in advance. However, now that everyone is postponing and we’re all kind of used to the idea of delaying everything until a better time you can really find the ideal location and book it. Alternatively, if you’re going to have a small wedding, you can spend more time exploring locations near you and seeing what you can do to make them as cute as you want.

3. DIY Decor

In regular circumstances you’d be pressed for time and would probably either hire someone to decorate the venue or buy ready made decorations. Now you can actually dedicate the time to DIY some awesome decor. There’s time for trial and error, you’re not rushed and you can actually test out multiple options and become a DIY queen in the process, not to mention all the money you’ll be saving by doing it yourself.

4. Online Shopping

While buying a wedding dress online might be risky, you can buy bits and pieces like accessories and little bits of decor that would go on tables. There are a lot of sales and discounts going around so it’s the best time to buy stuff like that. Additionally you have the extra time to go bargain hunting on ebay and buy pre-owned things like flower vases or any other decorative things.

5. Hair and Makeup Trials

A lot of the time brides hire makeup artists and hairdressers for their event, and you still might want to do that, but it doesn’t hurt to learn what you like. There are so many tutorials online when it comes to hair and makeup that you might as well give it a go. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn that you actually do it yourself and save a bunch of money, or maybe you’ll just have the time to test out what does and doesn’t suit you so once you hire a makeup artist you’ll know exactly what you want them to do.


6. Write Your Vows

Lockdown is giving you a unique opportunity to spend more time and write out your perfect vows if that’s what you’re into. There’s more time to appreciate your partner and really pour your heart into your vow, pick the right words and wow everyone with your speech. If you’re not into vows, you can prepare some witty toasts with funny anecdotes from the past.

7. Make a Perfect Playlist

Whether you’re going to hire a cover band or just have music playing, you have all the time in the world to create the best playlist ever. Go through your favourite music with your partner, pick the songs that you both like or the ones that are most meaningful to you, imagine scenarios as to which song would play when and obviously pick some crowd pleasing bangers.

8. Gift List

Buying gifts for a wedding is hard, you probably know that if you’ve ever been to one. So now is the time to organize the best gift list with all the links, so that your guests can actually get you what you want. The more thought you put into it and the more convenient you make it, the more chances you have of getting zero disappointing gifts.

9. Guest List

Depending on your location you might be restricted in the amount of people you can invite, so now would be a good time to make guest lists and seating charts. Try to think ahead. Make a few, one for a small wedding with just the closest people in your life, and then a bigger one in case the restrictions get lifted by the time you get married.

10. Invitations

In most cases you would order wedding invitations but if you have the time you might want to learn some calligraphy and then you’d be able to do them yourself. Cause everyone knows those are way more impressive than printed ones. There are plenty of online classes available and you can buy calligraphy sets to practice at home and learn a style you like the most or even create a font of your own. Who wouldn’t want a unique wedding invitation?

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