Here’s What Our Favourite Movie Couples Look Like In 2020

It seems that not so long ago we were dreamily watching the picture perfect couples of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the Titanic and Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortensen in the Lord of the Rings. But it turns out decades have passed! Our beloved movie couples have changed a lot since that blessed time and now some of them are hard to recognize. Yet we still love them! Here’s what our favourite movie couples look like in 2020.

Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell (Groundhog Day, 1993)

Long before time loops became a trend, there was a movie called Groundhog Day that caught weatherman Phil Connors in a time loop of a repeating seemingly unimportant day. Needless to say, it drove him crazy and made him do the most unbelievable things. He also felt that he was falling in love with sweet Rita and tried to impress her, making things all the more hilarious. It’s a classic romcom and we still love it!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (Titanic, 1997)

For years Leonardo DiCaprio was associated with the movie Titanic no matter what roles he played. His onscreen relationship with Kate Winslet became a legendary representation of love and tragic romance. Decades have passed, and it is still one of our most favourite couples ever created in a movie. Of course, the actors have changed, but they still look amazing.

Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings, 2001)

Liv Tyler has played her fair share of astronauts’ wives, but her most romantic on-screen relationship was definitely with Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings. The tragic, yet beautiful love between an immortal elf-maiden Arwen and human Aragorn has touched millions of hearts. She ended up giving up her immortality to stay in the human realm and be with her beloved man.

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