Gwen Stefani’s Transformation Through The Years

Ageless rock star Gwen Stefani has had tons of transformations throughout her life, from relationships, to sense of style, and career. This icon has somehow managed to stay relevant from the 1980s days of No Doubt to her new future in reality television and relationship with a country singer.

Gwen’s beginnings

Gwen Stefani grew up in Fullerton, California. Her older brother Eric Stefani was a keyboardist, and when she was 17, he invited her to join his ska band called No Doubt in 1986. This was the very beginning of Gwen as we know her today. 

Gwen always told people that her big bro was a classic overachiever, while she always followed in his lead. Even though she soon gained popularity in this band, she lived with her parents until she was 25! We get it, though — she always said her parents encouraged creativity, and made it fun.

Odd girl out

Gwen always said she felt like she didn’t belong anywhere, even within No Doubt. I mean, who else rocks braces as an optional fashion statement when they don’t need them? The female rockers that inspired her back in the day were either too angry or too folkie, and no one really inspired her until she learned about Blondie and Debbie Harry. 

Becoming a pop culture icon

Her unique perspective is what brought her the fame she has today. In 1995, she released Just a Girl a track that many would argue brought her the mainstream rock success she has today. She’s influenced artists like Kesha and Kelly Clarkson, as well as coining a rebellious red lip and platinum blonde ‘do that we all swooned over.

A fashion icon

Besides her gorgeous beauty looks, fashion was always a means of expression for Gwen, and inspired an entire era of ‘90s and early ‘00s girls. She was a rule-breaking rebel — she didn’t wear a bra, wore scandalous, midriff-baring crop tops, and paired them with ultra low rise jeans and henna tats. She wasn’t afraid to switch up her hair colors (the original Katy Perry) and stand out from the crowd.

It’s no wonder her fashion line L.A.M.B launched in the mid 2000s was so groundbreaking. Stefani’s style emulated rock ’n’ roll, femininity, and tomboy fashion in a way we’ve never seen before. While her sporty yet seductive style has become more sophisticated and elevated, she’s always incorporated the theme of fusion in her looks.

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