Guy Spent 9 Years Photographing People On Their Way To Work And Discovered Something Extraordinary


What do you think would happen if you took a picture of the same place, at the same time, for 9 years in a row? Perhaps you could see how the place has changed in that time. If it’s nature, you’d see the change of seasons, the growth of plants, etc. Well, photographer Peter Funch spent almost a decade taking pictures of people commuting to work outside Grand Central Station in New York between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. Once he looked through his pictures he discovered something interesting. Not only did he capture a lot of sleepy people on their way to work or for a cup of coffee, but he actually managed to take pictures of the same people, multiple times, sometimes years apart. How cool is that? Now you have a chance to take a glimpse into these people’s lives and how they changed over the course of 9 years.
You can also see way more of these pictures in Peter’s latest book “42nd and Vanderbilt” or on his Instagram.

1. The first question that comes to mind is “did he try to cover his face every single day for 9 years?” Or is this a hilarious accident?

2. This guy, still looking into the trash can.

3. Have these pictures been taken 2 days apart or is does this girl always look the same? I mean, she clearly likes grey cardigans and her hair length never changes.

4. This lady went from looking great to “too cool for you”. We can only hope to age that well.

5. Looking a bit grayer, a bit older, but the outfit looks upgraded.

6. What happened, girls. Rough year?

7. Look at the change in his facial expression, lol.


8. Do these two men always go to work together?

9. Glow up, big time. We bet coral is her favorite color.

10. Same drink, same shirt, just a different color. You gotta give it to him, this guy is consistent.

11. Don’t have a phone in your hand? It’s ok, just pretend.

12. He’s really into that bracelet, isn’t he?

13. LOL, same top. Well this is awkward. But does it matter if you’re caught wearing the same thing if you look that good?

14. This guy either really loves red shirts and has like 50 of them, or it’s the same one.

15. This is the face of someone who hates mornings. ON the other hand, she clearly loves her stripes.

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