Glee Star Naya Rivera Is Missing – All The Updates To Know


Remember the spunky Latina cheerleader Santana Lopez from musical TV series Glee? She gave the show the attitude it desperately needed, and featured in other shows like “Devious Maids”: and “Step Up: High Water” Her name is Naya Rivera, and on Wednesday, July 8, she went for a boat ride and never returned.

Rivera went missing from Lake Piru in Southern California which has been described as dangerous. The 33-year-old went out on the water with her four-year-old son Josey Hollis Dorsey, who was found on the boat alone, hours later. Ever since then, social media has been filled with #PrayForNaya and #FindNaya.

The actress rented a boat to go on a fun mom and son outing. Just three hours after they embarked on their ride, another boater found a boat with her son sleeping on board. It took place in a part of the lake known as “The Narrows.” The lake is filled with debris on the bottom, and can go from six feet deep to a whopping forty feet deep.

Authorities were immediately contacted, and a search and rescue effort from an air team, a diving team and more has been underway since then. Naya’s son hasn’t offered up too much information except for the fact that they went swimming, and his mother never surfaced when he did.

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