Giovana Ewbank’s Gorgeous Photoshoot With Daughter Chissomo

Giovanna Ewbank Baldaccini Gagliasso is a Brazilian woman of many talents. She’s an actress, a model, a reporter, a YouTuber, an influencer, and a social media personality. She’s also a mother. And let’s just say becoming a mother changed her life in ways she could never have expected.


Giovanna and her partner Bruno Gagliasso Marques have been married since 2010, but it’s only 6 years later in 2016 that they decided to become parents. They chose to adopt a beautiful little 2-year-old girl from Malawi and that’s how Chissomo, also known by her nickname Titi, came into their life.


For the past three years they’ve been getting used to being parents and falling deeply in love with their new family life. Giovanna and Bruno love Chissomo more than anything in the world and they say that they can’t imagine how they lived without her before, this is the happiest they’ve ever felt and it’s all thanks to their daughter Titi. Their life will never be the same and they wouldn’t want it any other way.



This year for mother’s day Giovanna and her daughter Titi did a gorgeous photoshoot to commemorate the occasion. They took a series of beautiful and funny photos that show how awesome their relationship is. This is what Giovanna had to say in her mother’s day post:


“This is my third mother’s day, and every year that date becomes even more special, every year I learn more and more with my angel … motherhood has transformed me completely, opened my eyes and my heart to this world, took me out of a bubble that even I didn’t know I lived in.


I learn every day with my daughter, to love as if there were no tomorrow, to respect and listen to others, to be more patient, less selfish, to laugh at one’s own mistakes and to discover that there is always time to learn and start over. Without counting the infinite love that comes to hurt, I never imagined that there could be something like this, nothing in my life is more important than you, my daughter! Thank you for teaching me so much Chissomo! No wonder your name means “Divine Grace,” for God sent you as the most beautiful gift I could ever receive! I love you my little girl, my angel, my baby (and you will always be my baby), and we will be together for whatever comes !!!”

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