Gigi Hadid Is Expecting A Baby From Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have had quite an unusual timeline when it comes to their relationship. It started rather impulsively and we were all shocked to find them together, but since 2015 they’ve been on and off quite a few times. They’ve had two years of that perfect relationship, a music video together. Then they both announced they’ve broken up. They dated other people, Zayn deleted all of their pictures on Instagram and had a different model in his music video. It seemed like they were on and off a few more times since, and just at the beginning of this year they were seen together and no one was sure if they’re friends or if they’re back together, then the pregnancy rumor started circulating.

Gigi has actually confirmed her pregnancy on the Jimmy Fallon show. The show was happening via a video call and Gigi told everyone the news right from her couch at home. The first thing Jimmy did was congratulate Gigi on expecting a baby and he called it the best new ever. He also said that it feels like a ray of sunshine and just what everyone needed in these times, the news of Gigi being pregnant with her first kid is definitely good news.

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