First Lady, Michael Obama, Surprised America with a New Side, This Time She Raps!


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College is awesome! If you don’t believe it and are going to college just to hang out after high school, you should listen to the first lady of the United States.
Michael Obama and ‘Saturday Night Live’ star, Jay Pharoah, filmed a comedy rap music video to keep kids in college. It was released on the CollegeHumor Youtube channel on Thursday, Dec 10, and already has more then 3 000 000 views! With this video, they try to encourage young people not to waste their time, in case “your future is hazy” and “you crashing in doubt” then “you should go to college” and “fill your head with knowledge”. These are golden words for kids and for the thriving future of the USA!
The video is actually a part of Mrs. Obama’s “Better Make Room” campaign, which aims to inspire and encourage every student in America to get their education after high school. The first lady is assured “If we get our education, we can do anything.”
“I want to honor and empower young people who are working hard in school and pursuing their dreams – and I want to do it in a fun and fresh way” said Michael Obama.


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