Fashion through the Decades: 6 Iconic Men

years have passed, men’s style has evolved drastically, largely in
part from the influence of entertainers and actors of different
decades. These leading men have become iconic for their distinct
fashion tastes, which pushed the concept of men’s fashion forward
in each of their respective eras. Their memorable fashion choices and
lovable personalities combined in these superstars to define the
fashion and spirit of their decades. For the most fashionable men
throughout the history of the past 60 years, check out these 6 iconic
and most fashionable men. 

Presley – 1950’s 

his sleek persona and unforgettable dance moves, Elvis Presley was
the all-time ladies man of the 1950’s. He brought a more rebellious
style of fashion to popularity, in comparison to the past decades
before he rose to fame. Presley was all about smooth hair, high
collars, penny loafers, black trousers and argyle socks in the

Dylan – 1960’s 

Dylan’s fashion continuously evolved with the times, but no decade
is more iconic for Bob Dylan’s style than the 1960’s. Dylan was
always a professional at looking messy, but with a dash of
sophistication –
blazers with striped tees, leather jackets and turtle necks, and a
rockin pair of slim black boots. His messy hair and dressed down
flair defined the feeling and angst of his era. 

Newman – 1970’s

Newman embodies a large part of the calm, cool, collect stye of the
1960’s. He could have been seen wearing corduroys, V- neck
sweaters, and button-down shirts. Newman’s style was iconic for its
duality. He dressed a bit more relaxed and nonconformist on screen,
with classic slacks and a tight undershirt. But his off camera style
was more conservative, like that of a family man. 

Basquiat – 1980’s


Basquiat is known for his minimalist fashion style of the 1980’s.
His style consisted of pieces like second-hand store jackets,
oversized shirts, Armani suits, and maybe even a football helmet if
he fancied it. He even made some of his own clothing, and started a
clothing line with hand painted designs. Many of the vibrant and
eclectic colors and illustrations of his paintings were reflected in
his fashion choices. 

Depp – 1990’s 

Depp’s style is ever changing, and evolves has must as his quirky
film roles. He always looks amazing, but manages to make it look like
he didn’t try at all. He is completely unique in his acting style
and overall career, and that is reflected in his fashion. Depp’s
fashion, especially during the 1990’s, was defined by understated
pieces that come together for a classic, relaxed look. Think
rolled-up sleeves, washout jeans and broken in boots. 



Anyone aware of fashion during the early 2000’s will undoubtedly and willingly reminisce on George Clooney in a black suit. Giorgio Armani is even on record saying that Clooney just makes a suit look simply fantastic. His signature is formal wear, and has made quite a legend of himself as the master of the red carpet, black tie look. 

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