Everything You Need To Know To Be Up To Date On The Kim And Kanye Divorce

It’s like the end of an era or something. No more Kimye? How will we cope? By reading up on the latest rumors and scrutinizing their divorce, obviously. Kim and Kanye were always a very high-profile couple, and it seemed like throughout the 6 years of their marriage they were always in the news. Be it Kim’s new company or Kanye’s new collection or weird tweets, or even him attempting to run for president. There was never a dull moment with these two. But alas, all things come to an end, and Kim has filed for divorce. 

Weirdly enough, there isn’t a huge scandal, no one did anything, no cheating as far as we can tell. Apparently, they just grew apart. Everyone was very intrigued when Kim Kardashian hired Laura Wasser, we almost expected there to be some sort of legal battle, but turns out the split was very amicable. Kim and Kanye agreed to joint custody of their kids, and also quietly came to an arrangement in terms of splitting their assets. 

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