Everything We Know About Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Relationship So Far


Taylor Swift is known not only for her singing and songwriting, but she’s also gotten a reputation for dating cute boys and then channelling her feelings from the relationships and breakups into songs that will further her career and make millions of fans relate to her lyrics. But love is a universal emotion, we all go through infatuation, crushes, love and heartbreak, so it’s not exactly groundbreaking that people find it relatable. The fun thing her fans do is try to figure out which song is written about which of her relationships and what real-life events are being referenced in the songs. It’s only natural that it also makes everyone curious about who she’s dating at any given time and how that relationship is going. 

However, knowing this Taylor has become a bit secretive about her private life and not as open to discussing it or even showing off her relationships to the public. For a while now fans have been curious about her current bae and theorising if Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are in fact together. 

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift have been seen attending various events but they’ve been careful not to arrive or leave together. They’ve been dating for about three years now but they managed to keep their relationship very private and mostly out of the public eye. Apparently, Taylor ever wore disguises when going on dates with Joe just to stay out of sight and not be followed by the press. 

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