Erika Eleniak: What is the Baywatch Actress Up to Now?

Back when Baywatch was at the height of its success in 1996, the show had an audience of over 1.1 billion viewers per week. It has being broadcasted to audiences in 142 countries. This made the stars of Baywatch basically household names around the world. One of the biggest stars of Baywatch back then was Erika Eleniak. She has appeared in various televised shows and movies, but it is most well known for her role in Baywatch. So what happened to the famed star after the ending of the popular show? Is she still acting, or in the spotlight whatsoever? Find out here what the Baywatch actress Erika Eleniak is up to now. 

During the peak of Baywatch, Erika Eleniak was deemed one of the shows most popular and successful stars. But she got her start way before her role in Baywatch. It may be hard to associate her with her original claim to fame, but Erika was in the spotlight first because of her role in the classic film E.T. in 1982. She played the character who kissed Elliot in the classroom scene, which is now considered one of the best scenes of the entire movie. She continued to show herself to be a force in the entertainment industry, and in 1989, her career took off.

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