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Divine Vegan Foods You Have To See And Try

Would you call yourself a foodie? Are you obsessed with beautiful and delicious food? Well this Instagram account might be just the thing for you. It’s run by a talented lady called Mei Yee and it features the most esthetically pleasing food you’ll ever see. And here’s the best thing, it’s not just pictures. In the description under each photo you get a list of ingredients and instructions on how to recreate this delicious and glorious looking dish. Finally someone decided to actually use the description as a helpful tool instead of the usual promotional section. So we suggest you follow this Instagram if you love food and would like to cook some of the ista-famous creations. We also would like to warn you that most of these are desserts with a rare savory dish thrown in. We’re pretty sure all recipes are vegan, though, and some are even gluten free.

1. Mango Sticky Rice With Butterfly Pea Flowers Rice

Who knew a dinner could be this colorful yet still remain healthy. This delicious and unusual flavor combo will definitely be a welcome treat for anyone who’s been in a rut with their cooking lately. How did they make the rice blue? That’s actually a clever trick, they boiled pea flowers to make the water blue and then boiled the rice in it. So it’s all natural, no artificial coloring at all.

2. Raspberry Chocolate Mousse With Almond Cookie Base, Raspberry Glaze And Raspberry Jelly

That’s the official name of this yummy dessert, but we’d like to say that it looks like a heavenly treat. It looks amazing, it sounds delicious and we’re pretty sure that if you put your mind to it you’ll be able to recreate it at home.

3. Strawberry Hibiscus Flower Tart

We’re not sure what we’re more impressed with, the genius idea of making this or the patience and time it took to decorate it so beautifully. This is definitely a tart you can make for a special occasion. It’s that impressive.

4. Sichuan Spicy Wontons In Sichuan Garlic Chilli Oil

You know, in case you wanted something spicy and savory for dinner – this tasty dish is a great idea. Apparently the garlic chilli oil is the biggest ace up your sleeve you can have when it comes to cooking. It really adds that extra kick of flavor.

5. Mixed Berry Panna Cotta Layer Cake With Berry Compote

Because all of us deserve a personal little cake that we get to eat on our own without sharing. This is the cake you should make when you feel like eating a full cake. Also, not only does it sound like the most delicious combination of flavors but also, how does one cut away such a perfect spoonful. Everything on this Instagram is perfect, from preparation, to recipes and especially the presentation.


6. Tom Yum Noodle Soup With Fried Wontons

Another brilliant option for those who want to make a special dinner. This soup is warm and filling and the flavour are so well balanced. It’ll also work great for lunch next day if you have left overs, but we suggest you make a big batch because you’ll want to have it every day for a week.

7. Strawberry Yogurt Tart

If that is not the most perfect strawberry yogurt tart – we don’t know what is. And you know what? That yogurt is actually vegan and homemade. Who knew you could make a vegan treat look and taste this amazing?

8. Red Beet Vegetable Dumplings

These dumplings might take a while to perfect, but once you get the hand of it you’ll be making them by dozens. They sound absolutely divine and you’ve got to admit they look hella impressive too. A recipe that will wow anyone you choose to make it for…

9. Perfect Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

Who doesn’t want a perfect chocolate mousse with a chocolate glaze? That sounds like the best dessert ever and it’s vegan. And it’s actually pretty easy to make because it only takes 4 ingredients to create.

10. Vegan Baked Donuts

Whoever says there’s no such thing as good vegan donuts has clearly never tried these incredible oil free baked donuts that are 100% vegan and 1000% delicious. We can’t even think of a number to describe how cute they look too. These donuts are off the chart.

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