Disney Princesses With And Without Makeup


Most of us grew up with Disney Princesses and we all had our favorite, the one we looked up to. Some looked up to Snow White and her love of animals, others admired Belle for her work ethic and desire to learn, or Mulan for her bravery. More recently kids got some new Princesses to look up to like Elsa for her ability to let go of her fear and be herself despite her differences. And while all those traits are admirable and definitely worth looking up to, there’s one thing that all these Princesses have in common that’s not such a great example for the kids. They all wear a surprising amount of makeup.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with makeup, it’s a great way to express yourself if that’s what you’re into. But Disney’s main audience is little kids, and in these movies Disney Princesses never appear without makeup, they always look flawless, they seem to wake up with perfectly done makeup, long lashes, brows on flick and a touch of lipstick. What kind of a message it sending to little boys and girls? The worst thing is that we, as adults barely even notice this, and don’t give it a second thought. But kids internalize this message, this idea that girls should wear makeup to look like a princess.

Thankfully there’s a trend starting online that shows what Disney Princesses would look like without makeup. And you know what, they look beautiful and fresh faced. We hope that in the future Disney will create more fresh faced Princesses, after all, they already have Merida from Brave and that’s a step in the right direction.

1. Belle
Do you think Belle would really spend time putting on Mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick every day if she can spend that time reading books?


2. Jasmine
Ok, Jasmine might be a bit of a fashionista, and perhaps her status as a rich princess would lead her to spend more time worrying about what she looks like. But would she really put on makeup all the time? I mean if you watched Aladdin you know, she’s way more into mischief than she is into makeup.

3. Pocahontas
The idea that Pocahontas would spend time perfecting her eyeliner every day is ridiculous don’t you think? She has more important things to do and she’s more of au naturel girl anyway.

4. Tiana
Tiana literally would not have the time to mess about with makeup, she’s way too busy for that stuff, she’s got work to do.

5. Mulan
Ok, so Mulan doesn’t always wear makeup in the movie, but that’s because she’s trying to pass as a man half the time. When she’s not pretending to be a man she’s back to a full face of makeup of eyeliner at least. Why Disney, why?

6. Ariel
Do you ever wonder where Ariel gets her waterproof mascara and lipstick? I mean she lives in the ocean, it’s not like she goes to Sephora on the weekend.

7. Snow White
Let’s be honest, Snow White looks insane without makeup. Why? Cause she was initially drawn with heavy eyeshadow and a full face of makeup. Her face just wasn’t meant to appear on screen without it. Which is downright appalling, Disney.

8. Elsa
So Elsa is taught to shut out the world from a young age and spends most of her time alone, which is messed up to begin with. But why would she wear such dark and glamorous makeup then?

9. Merida
There’s no before and after for Merida, because so far she’s the only Princess that we know of that stands out and isn’t depicted with a full face of makeup. She’s way more into horse riding and climbing waterfalls and being the master of her own fate.

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