DiCaprio’s Reaction At The Golden Globes Inspired A New Meme

Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio might’ve each won a Golden Globe, but that’s wasn’t the most memorable thing that happened that evening. What the public found to be more interesting was Leo’s reaction to Gaga. The face he made when Lady Gaga brushed past him on her way to accept the award was priceless. No wonder the internet erupted with glee and now we can all enjoy a new Leo meme.

This is probably the best meme of the night.

Some people went further and suggested Leo was throwing shade at Gaga.

While others just captioned Leo’s reaction with “Let’s just appreciate Leonardo DiCaprio’s facial expressions tonight”.


Here’s a video of what actually happened.
[embedded content]

And here’s a gif version, we’re sure it’ll come in handy.

Leo got a chance to explain his reaction afterwards and said that he was just surprised. “I just didn’t know what was passing me – that’s all!” – said Leonardo Dicaprio.

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