Crocs Are Back In A High Fashion Balenciaga Remix


Remember when crocs were all the rage for a hot minute, then really ironic, and then nobody cared about them? We started to see Crocs locations internationally shutting down, and no one was giving love to these supremely comfortable, although rather hideous look.

Well, don’t fret, there’s a new version of crocs out for fashionistas that – wait for it – Balenciaga decided to revamp, of all people. So if you were one of those fashion people talking smack on crocs, you better check yourself and apologize to the Dad Armies of the world, because these are actually pretty next level. Who would have thought that Crocs would get a high fashion, luxurious remix?

Imagine if someone took crocs and very high creepers and combined them into a rave gardening shoe. As iDazed fashion put it on IG, “when you’ve got gardening at 10 but the party starts at 11”. Maybe not really luxurious, but they look legit.

These are the ultimate party kid shoes, but also supremely casual. Are they horrendous or has the world been missing them this whole time? Will they become an androgynous trend to remember for the ages or thrown in the fad bucket with the rest?

These shoes will also be an amazing height hack for short girls. Is your boyfriend constantly stooping down to kiss you? Are people always getting in the way by standing in front of you at concerts, but wearing heels is too uncomfortable? This is the best solution, clearly.


Either way, if you’re looking to garden with swag, or show up in a pair of platforms that probably no one else at the party will have, these are the shoes that you’re missing out on.

Don’t worry, these foam cuties don’t just come in this one yellow shade: with dollar bills and stock photo sunsets that really give us a care-free nasty gal vibe. They even come pre-bedazzled with several pieces of flare that are oddly trendy even though they remind us of refrigerator magnets.

Unfortunately, they’re not in stores yet (you can look forward to that next year), but get ready for the divisive conversations that they lead to between now and then! We wonder what the inspiration behind the bizarre partnership of these two vastly different companies was…what do you have to say on the matter?

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