Couple With No Wedding Photos Revive The Moment 60 Years Later


When you think of your wedding day, the photographs are almost a requisite part of the process. It’s how you store your memories, and show your kids years later with nostalgic tears in your eyes, hoping to pass on that milestone to them one day. But one couple from São Paulo who got married in 1957 wasn’t so lucky.


They had 9 children and 16 grandchildren, but no wedding photos to pass on the memories. So instead, 60 years later, a mini wedding was prepared to properly record the happy moment. If you’ve been married for 60 years, why not celebrate?

The resulting images were undeniably beautiful and showed how nurturing and loving their relationship was. We’re not sure what the bride and groom looked like on their original wedding day, but it feels like these two lovebirds are just as in love as they were over half a century ago.

They prove that age is really just a number, as the bride looks lovely in white lace, and the groom with his dapper cap and suspenders. The looks in their eyes as they stare into each others souls gives us hope that real love does exist. The way he looks at her is the way we look at pizza, TBH.

Her beret and up-do game is pretty fire, and she deserves that bouquet. And we adore the simplicity of the wedding. Outdoors, a rustic flower arch and a simple string of lights, with some vintage, wooden accessories and a striking table spread with white flowers. Who needs an extravagant wedding shoot when you have that?

The love is a naive one of new lovers. It shows years of perseverance, trust, and milestones passed together. The lesson is that pictures or no pictures, your bond can still be unbreakable. But pictures are always a nice way to celebrate that!

We can only hope that 60 years from now, we can hold hands and look as lovey dovey as these two. They really know how to do romance the right way. And we’re so glad that the people of São Paulo helped these two remember their happy memories and re-create them.

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