Couple Spends $25000 On A Dream Home On Wheels

If you struggle to choose between buying a house for yourself or spending your savings on travelling and seeing the world – I’ve got happy news for you. You don’t really have to choose one or the other. You can kind of do both for a fraction of the cost, like this couple from Nottingham, UK did. All you need is a big car and a lot of dedication. They spent 25K pounds to create a dream home on wheels and now they get to travel the world yet always feel at home.

Martin and Ione first had an idea to buy an old RV and converted into a home after a couple of drinks. It just seemed brilliant to them considering they both love to travel and are quite outdoorsy people. You’d think they would’ve reconsidered the next morning, but no. The idea was firmly lodged in their heads and the more they thought about it the more it made sense. So they decided to look around for a big truck or an RV.


To their huge surprise they found one on Ebay for just £3,600. It was a big old truck that once was used to deliver bread. It seemed perfect. But buying a big truck was just the beginning. Now they had to make it into a home, which wasn’t an easy task.

Their passion project took them around 4 months of hard work and £20K even though they did everything themselves. Iona took on the mission of designing their future home, while Martin put in most of the physical labor of actually making it a reality. It wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it.


Because they’ve done everything themselves they were able to think of everything and tailor it to their specific needs. They have a fully decked out kitchen with an oven and a stovetop, a decent sized fridge, enough room and working area to cook a family meal.

They also have a full sized sink, a spice rack, a bunch of hooks for mugs and even a couple of shelves that serve as a bar. Not to mention the vast array of kitchen cabinets that provide a lot of storage room.



Their main living room is also quite spacious and fits a bit corner couch, a little magazine table that can also serve as a place to work or have a meal, and plenty of space to walk around comfortably and not bump into things.

It’s not just the bare necessities that they have here. They’ve got their own little heater and they’ve decorated the place with artwork all around.


Their mobile house is built in a way where they’ve got two levels to the place. Their bedroom actually has a door to it and two steps that lead to it. Once you step inside you can’t even tell you’re in a vehicle anymore. It’s as cosy as a small bedroom in an apartment. They have a double bed, a wardrobe and a bunch of storage space to keep their belongings.

They also have a toilet and a shower inside their converted truck home, which means they don’t need to stop at hotels for a shower or run outside when they need to go to the bathroom.


It really looks like they’ve thought of everything. In many ways their mobile home looks more cosy and comfortable than many rented apartments.

Plus they get to wake up every morning to a beautiful view. A view that changes whenever they feel like it. One day they can be in France, another day they’ll be in Switzerland enjoying the view of the mountains. What a life!

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