Coldplay Did Their Best, But Beyonce Stole 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show

There is no doubt that Beyonce just stole this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show from Coldplay, who were set to be the headliner of the show. It was obvious she came to slay.
She appeared in a black bodysuit designed by Aston Michael, a tight leather military-style jacket with gold sashes by DSquared and gorgeous Christian Louboutin boots. Her outfit was inspired by Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl XXVII performance, back in 1993. Queen Bey looked flawless and reckless in the dazzling ensemble, simultaneously managing to walk and dance on the grass so gracefully while in mile-high heels!
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There was a moment when Beyonce almost fell on stage, but she handled this challenge like a pro and showed everybody that her body was in perfect shape!

While the overall Super Bowl half-time performance was light, fun and simply enjoyable, Beyoncé sent a strong political message with her appearance. She and her backing dancers, wearing Black Panthers inspired costumes and black berets, marched in a straight line onto the football field and took it all!


The performance of Beyonce’s new but already much-discussed single “Formation” was the highlight of the show. It was already mentioned that the “Formation” itself is far more politically direct than Beyoncé’s previous works. Now we also can say its lyrics must be the most political ever to be performed at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show.
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It’s no question that the dancers’ Black Power salute gesture will make history of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, just like Tommie Smith and John Carlos made history at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City during their medal ceremony by raising their fists in the air.

Once again, Beyoncé proved to us why the words “queen”, “passionate” and “powerful” are linked to her name, not coincidentally.

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