Celebs Who Dated Before They Were Famous

It’s not exactly shocking to us when celebrities date other celebrities. At this point, it’s expected and makes sense. They all work in the same industry, of course, that’s the circle they mingle in and they have a lot in common. If anything, we get way more surprised when a celebrity dates someone who’s not famous, someone normal, you know, not a showbiz person. But have you ever thought about whether certain celebs would still date each other if they weren’t famous? Turns out they would. There are plenty of celebs who are super famous now who dated way before they became the stars that they are now. Here are some of those “they dated before they became famous couples” you might wanna know about.

1. Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley

These two met on the set of Felicity when Jennifer Garner played Scott’s girlfriend in a few episodes. Turns out that chemistry on screen was real because the two ended up getting married in 2000. However, their marriage didn’t last and they got divorced in 2003. But since then Jennifer has mentioned that they could still be married if it wasn’t for Hollywood. According to Jennifer Garner Hollywood is a fast line in life so you don’t deal with things the way you would in normal circumstances, if something isn’t perfect you just abandon it instead of figuring it out and fixing it.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr.

What you might not know about Robert Downey Jr is that before he became Iron Man his life was pretty different. As an 18-year-old he was on the show Firstborn with Sarah Jessica Parker and they actually dated for years. They moved in together pretty quickly and their relationship lasted for 8 years, which is a lifetime for Hollywood and even longer for people who met when they were 18. But eventually, they broke up because of Robert’s addiction problems at the time.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Will Friedle

Before Jennifer Love Hewitt became famous thanks to her role in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” she used to date Will Friedle. They were introduced to each other by a common friend and hit it off immediately. They were just 18 at a time. But obviously, they both moved on, it’s silly to imagine teens staying together forever, they went on to conquer Hollywood separately.

4. Jessica Biel and Chris Evans

Can you believe this is what Chris Evans used to look like? We’re used to him being Captain America, but back in the day when he was dating Jessica Biel he wasn’t famous at all, he only appeared in a few episodes of TV shows and movies made for TV. Both him and Jessica Biel have come a long way since.

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