Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up So Fast

Celebrity kids, like all kids, grow up so fast, but it feels even faster because we see them rarely and suddenly they’ve transformed from a baby into a fully formed adult. There are so many celebrity kids that we used to see on TV or see pictures of them walking hand in hand with their parents and now they’re all grown up. Let’s take a look at some of these kids and how much they’ve grown.

1. Jaden and Willow Smith

It seems like just a few years ago Jaden was such a tiny kid, playing his part alongside Will in The Pursuit of Happyness. And Willow, we all remember her doing that awesome video for “Whip My Hair”. Can you believe that video came out a decade ago? Now they’re all grown up, Jaden is 21 and Willow is 19, they have their own projects and successful careers.

2. Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter was such a cute little know it all on the hit show Modern Family. Do you remember her little nerdy glasses and her colorful outfits? She was barely a teen then, and now she’s 22 and a proper lady. By the way, just to shock you even further, Modern Family came out in 2009, yup, it was on air for more than a decade. It’s hard to believe it’s over.

3. Paris Jackson

There’s a lot of controversies when it comes to Michael Jackson and his kids, but we all remember how sad it was to see Paris Jackson at her father’s funeral, looking so upset and confused. Well, she’s 22 now and she’s doing modelling and acting and looking absolutely breathtaking.

4. Dakota Fanning

It’s hard to believe that Dakota Fanning, the cute little blonde girl from Uptown Girls and Charlotte’s Web is now 26. She’s like a full-blown woman now, she’s beautiful, super talented and keeps getting great roles in some truly amazing movies.

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