Cameron Boyce’s Untimely Death – A Tribute

Boyce, star of the Disney series Jessie,”
has tragically passed away at the tender age of 20. Robert Iger, the
head of the Walt Disney company, confirmed this news on Saturday,
with his prayers and condolences going out to Boyce’s family, who
addressed the untimely death in a social media statement.

it, they explained that the actor passed away in his sleep from a
seizure that occurred due to a long standing medical condition. In
the statement, his family said that Boyce’s “kind and
compassionate” spirit would live on in the hearts of those who
loved him.

Cameron Boyce star of the Disney series “Jessie,” | Cameron Boyce's Untimely Death – A Tribute | Her Beauty

nature of his condition has not yet been released, and there are
speculations as to whether the vagueness regarding the statement has
to do with solely privacy, or if there are other influences at play.

Cameron Boyce passed away | Cameron Boyce's Untimely Death – A Tribute | Her Beauty

like Adam Sandler, Skye
Zendaya and Debby Ryan took to social media to share their personal
experiences and tributes to the young actor with condolences for his


Zendaya condolences for Cameron Boyce's family | Cameron Boyce's Untimely Death – A Tribute | Her Beauty

is known for his philanthropic efforts, winning the 2018 Thirst
Gala’s Pioneering Spirit Award for raising a significant amount
on behalf of the nonprofit the Thirst project, which aims to provide
clean drinking water all over the world.

2018 Thirst Gala's Pioneering Spirit Award | Cameron Boyce's Untimely Death – A Tribute | Her Beauty

was raised in Los Angeles and many considered him an old soul. Boyce
started his career in a dance studio before launching into the world
of commercials, television, and film, which he was a veteran to by
the age of 19.

young Boyce| Cameron Boyce's Untimely Death – A Tribute | Her Beauty

His final Instagram post was a somber and pensive profile portrait of the actor shot by ID magazine – the time of the image seems almost eerie in the context we perceive it in now. Cameron, we hope you’re at peace somewhere and that your spirit of generosity lives on in all of your fans who will bring immortality to your legacy.

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