Brooklyn Beckham’s Acting Debut Hits Screens Across the World


Brooklyn Beckham's Acting Debut Hits Screens Across the World

Victoria and David Beckham are probably very proud of their son right about now. Brooklyn Beckham has been basking in the spotlight recently. He got his first acting job by starring in the music video for the song “Wake Up” by the British boy band The Vamps. In the music video, he’s portraying the leader of the revolution. At the beginning of the video we see Brooklyn do a bit of parkour, he appears to be jumping off the roof of a house to join the band as the fifth member. I don’t know if it’s him or a stuntman, but either way it’s pretty impressive.

This might be Brooklyn’s first acting job, but it’s not the first time he’s been in the spotlight. He recently signed a contract with a modeling agency, was on the cover of Miss Vogue and starred in the campaign for the brand Reserved. Brooklyn is turning out to be quite a talented and busy young man, but with parents like his, is anyone surprised?


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