Britney, We Can’t Help But Wonder What All This Means


This Monday Britney Spears posted three sultry black-and-white videos on Instagram.The captionless teasers quickly caused a stir on social media. In these videos, the pop princess is wearing nothing but a tiny black bikini and fake tattoos. She’s also seen showcasing her seductive dance moves, whipping her wavy blonde locks and staring intently into the camera.

There’s a huge ongoing discussion on what all this means. Britney Spears is currently working on a new album. Is it a teaser to promote her new music video? Why is she using Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats’ track “S.O.B” in the background for the visuals then? Is she trying to promote her return to her Vegas show? A perfume commercial, perhaps? Are these clips a part of a brand new project? Maybe she made it just for fun. Too many questions miss Spears. Give us at least one little hint!..


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