Beyond Beauty: 15 Women In Divine Dresses Photographed In The Most Breathtaking Places On Earth


Meet Kristina Makeeva, a photographer from Moscow, who likes to transform ordinary into magical. She believes that women in gorgeous flowery dresses is one of the most beautiful things on Earth that can only be surpassed by women in gorgeous flowery dresses photographed against the world’s most stunning backgrounds. So that is exactly what she does! Kristina travels all around the world looking for interesting places to take great shots. She then picks up models, dresses them up in gowns worthy of a queen, and voila! Here are some of the most striking photographs of women in dresses we’ve ever seen.

Cappadocia, Turkey. Model: Masha
This transparent dress makes the model look so light and airy it seems she could fly away any minute!

Petit Palais, Paris, France. Model: Vera Brezhneva
The dress folds around the model like petals of an exquisite flower. We can only guess how the photographer achieved this stunning effect!

Cappadocia, Turkey. Model: Maria
The flaming red looks astounding against the light blue of the summer sky. Balloons make the whole scene look like it came from a fairy tale.

Louvre, Paris, France. Model: Vera Brezhneva
If Louvre was a woman, this is exactly what she would look like!

Glacier Lagoon, Iceland. Model: Svetlana Lakunina
The photographer manipulates her surroundings in a truly stunning way to create gentle atmosphere and accentuate the beauty of every dress. It’s a real masterpiece!

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia. Model: Darian
This snow-clad ballerina is like a vision from a magic dream. Bright lighting and subtle colors come together creating an elegant mix of cold and beauty.

Valensole, Provence, France. Model: Svetlana
You can almost smell lavender just by looking at this ethereal shot!


Paris, France, Tour Eiffel. Model: Vera Brezhneva
The model looks like a modern day princess celebrating her birthday in one of the most romantic places in the world.

Opéra De Paris, Palais Garnier, Paris, France. Model: Vera Brezhneva
This is the very spot where Phantom of the Opera took place and the model looks like she came right from the stage!

Cappadocia, Turkey. Model: Katya Zaytseva
Photographer managed to turn her model into a living and breathing Tiger Lilly. The movement in this photo is simply breathtaking!

Cathedral Mosque In St. Petersburg, Russia. Model: Aygul
It’s hard to imagine a more magical location to shoot this dress. The colors of the dress and the background mix in a truly mesmerizing way.

Moscow Firework Festival, Russia. Model: Nina
It seems like the model is about to fly up high into the sky in her light semi-transparent dress. She is as beautiful as the majestic fireworks behind her!

Poppy Field, Crimea
The model looks like a gorgeous little poppy flower herself!

Cappadocia, Turkey
The intricate details of a traditional Turkish costume stand out beautifully against the light morning sky of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia, Turkey. Model: Nina
Will she fly up into the sky like a stunning butterfly? We believe everything is possible!

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