Ariel Winter Weight Loss Transformation

Ariel Winter grew up before our very own eyes. The first time we saw this brunette was in 2010 on Modern Family, where she started off as a nerdy and lovable tween. She’s always been confident and active against anti-bullying, even creating a PSA for GLSEN’s safe space campaign. And although she came of age and blossomed into a young woman on the sitcom.

Since her evolution has been in the public eye, fans and critics alike were tuned in and paying attention when Ariel Winter started to undergo her dramatic weight loss journey. While many celebrities try to hide their changes in appearance, Winter took it in stride like the confident queen she is. She’s extremely transparent when it comes to any matters surrounding her body, and when it comes to interviews with publications and being honest on social media, Ariel is a total rockstar.

30 pounds shed

She told her millions of Instagram friends the deal behind her weight loss. Ariel said that she had been on anti-depressants for many years, and when she changed her medication she lost a lot of weight. Her previous meds caused her to hold onto that weight, even though her activity levels and work she put in remained the same. In her words. “It was always frustrating for me because I wanted to get fit and feel like the work I was doing was paying off, but it never felt that way. I had accepted it and moved on. The change in medication instantly made me drop all the weight I couldn’t lose before by just giving me back a metabolism.”

After her metabolism came back, her body started responding better to her workouts, and the weight loss has also created a generally healthier lifestyle, in terms of both her mental and physical health. It’s created overall higher energy levels, and the conscious knowledge that loading up on greasy carbs and cheese isn’t the way to treat your body like a temple. 

A social media transformation

Many noted that the star looked drastically different in her pictures, and while her waist is definitely more snatched, confidence is a hell of a drug. Just the fact that Ariel Winter carries herself so differently is proof that she’s really undergone a transformation, inside and out. 

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