Ariana Grande Has Broken 20 Guinness World Records. Here are them all

Some people see Ariana Grande as just another pop star, but in our eyes, she’s headed towards world domination. Why, you might ask? Because this queen has garnered an entire 20 Guinness World Records. Grande has broken barriers as a young woman in the industry, and at just 27, her whole future is still ahead of her. She’s the only artist to accomplish this, so let’s celebrate!

20. Most streamed US pop album in a week 

Grande has “Thank U, Next” to thank for this achievement. She surpassed Ed Sheeran’s album in popularity, with people all over the United States tuning in. Her runner up is Taylor Swift.

19. Most streamed UK album by a female artist in one week

Ariana fans go hard for “Thank U, Next.” This song broke records when it came to the number of times it was streamed in a single week — the number was 59 million. That’s a lot of listens!

18. Most streamed USA album by a female artist in a single week

Ariana’s fifth studio album “Thank U, Next.” So far, she’s the only woman to collect 307 million streams in the United States, after her album’s release. 

17. Female with the most Instagram followers

With her doll-like beauty, fabulous outfits, and BTS clips, it’s no wonder that she’s the only woman to have as many Instagram followers as she does. The only other person who has more followers is Cristiano Ronaldo, at 259 million.

16. Female musician with the most IG followers

Other ladies in the industry with aspirations of social media fame look up to Ariana Grande. Her 219 million follows religiously follow her every move, which definitely helps her break all these records.

15. Most “Best Collaboration” nominations for MTV VMAs

The MTC video Music Awards seriously love Ariana — she earned six whole nominations for “Stuck With U”, Rain on Me”, “Bang Bang”, Love Me Harder”, “Let Me Love You” and “Problem.” Unfortunately for Ariana, this win is tied with Rihanna. Not bad company!

14. Female musician with most Youtube subscribers

Is there any social media platform this superstar hasn’t dominated? On May 13, 2020, it was official: her 41.1 million YT subscribers skyrocketed her to the top. Today, she’s even surpassed that number by millions. 

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