Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ‘Adopt A Baby Boy From Cambodian Slums’


Looks like the famous couple just can’t have enough kids! They already had six: three adopted and three of their own. Why get another one? Perhaps they just want the lucky number seven.

Either way, it looks like Angelina made arrangements to adopt another kid from Cambodia, and wanted to keep it a secret from Brad. How would you even keep something huge like that a secret? Did she think he just wouldn’t notice? Then again, when you have that many kids, perhaps one more might get lost in a crowd.


Angelina and Brad are said to be adopting a little Cambodian baby boy, from Siem Reap, where Angelina is working on her latest project, a film called “First They Killed My Father”. The boy’s name is Allouy Shoun, and he’s the youngest of his 13 biological brothers and sisters. Angelina first met the family through her own kids. Zahara and Shiloh befriended them while they were visiting Cambodia. The family lives in a little tin shack, and when Angelina saw the conditions they lived in, she pledged to pay 1 million dollars to support the family and to adopt the youngest kid.

Zahara and Shiloh seem to also care about the Cambodian family a great deal; apparently they already bought them new clothes and two bikes. Allouy Shoun’s oldest sister, 16-year-old Leida Shoun is very happy about the gifts. “We only had one bicycle for the entire family and it was old. So for us this is an amazing gift. Shiloh and Zahara are very good, very nice people”, said Leida. “We have known them for a while. They sponsor us. I play with Shiloh or Zahara. They take us to the arcade in the Angkor Centre. I like it when we play ball”, she added.

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