Amusing and Creative Puzzle Montages By A Canadian Artist

Quarantine lockdown is a great time to try a new or a long forgotten hobby. We’ve all spent hours watching movies, scrolling through Netflix, we’re sick of going in circles of Twitter-Instagram-Youtube-Facebook, and our thumbs hurt from being on the phone too long. It’s time to set away the multiple screens, go offline and try to enjoy something that requires a bit more thinking and a little less scrolling. Jigsaw puzzles sound kind of perfect right now. And if you feel like you’ve done all the ones you already have, try a new creative approach, like Tim Klein, a canadian artist.

Tim has found a very unique approach to jigsaw puzzles. It turns out that old, pre digital puzzles all use very similar patterns for their pieces and therefore if you want to you can mix and match them, even if they didn’t come from the same box.

He also prefers old vintage jigsaw puzzles because they tend to be less busy, and in most cases just feature a single object, while a lot of newer ones have been created with photoshop and have very busy and intricate designs on them.

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