AlphaFoodie – Healthy Foods That Look Like Delicious Desserts


If you want to eat healthy, but healthy food just doesn’t look good to you – you need to take a look at @alphafoodie. This Instagram account is full of pictures of healthy and absolutely gorgeous looking food. Healthy stuff has never looked this gorgeous before. Trust me you’ll forget about fast food and burgers and sweets when you see it. I mean, who knew healthy dishes can look so much like yummy desserts? Samira Kazan spends a fair amount of time creating the most incredible looking smoothie bowls and started this Instagram as a way of sharing her creations with the world. Now she has half a million followers and a successful food blog, that’s also called Alphafoodie, which you should definitely check out if you want to recreate the gorgeous smoothies on her Instagram.

1. How freaking gorgeous is this? Are those ice-cream cones with roses? You bet!

2. Sangwiches can be healthy too. And they don’t have to be boring ones, with lots of salad leaves either.

3. Little pineapples as smoothie bowls? Sign me up.


4. If you’re wondering if that’s blue food coloring – it’s not. Samira uses only natural ingredients to create these masterpieces.

5. Here’s a great idea for a perfect sweet snack.

6. Isn’t this the cutest blue explosion you’ve ever seen. Get in my tummy. Now!

7. This is the girliest looking smoothie I’ve ever seen and I can’t help but drool.

8. Are those two orange macaroons in a smoothie bowl? Well yes they are. Samira believes in eating by the 80/20 principle. 80% healthy and 20% yummy, and perhaps not so healthy treats.

9. Rainbow smoothies! Can you believe all those bright colors come from actual fruit and not food coloring? Well you better believe it!

10. She makes healthy cakes too! With edible flowers!

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