Affordable Clothing Brands That Look Expensive

When you leave the house, you want to look like a million bucks without actually dropping a million bucks. And luckily, some fashion-forward retail giants have made that possible, over the past few years. You can dress like all the top fashion bloggers without breaking the bank – here are the brands who are absolutely excelling at that.

1. H&M
H&M has everything from statement-making coats for under 50 bucks, to comfortable basics ad layering pieces that are only in the single digits, in terms of cost. It would be easy to build a high class wardrobe from H&M and save loads of cash!

2. Zara
This European-chic, sophisticated store is almost as budget friendly as H&M, but they put an emphasis on elegant looking materials and silhouettes – easily look like a socialite in a full-on Zara look.

3. Mango
Mango is the ultimate in trend and we love their current collection which is inspired by nature. Mango is a little less affordable than the H&M range of the spectrum, but the clothes are worth spending a little extra. From cool girl to refined, there something for everyone.

4. &Other Stories
This brand has everything from bags, to shoes, to apparel. Don’t leave us in there for too long! From preppy, posh, to on stylish puffers and faux furs, we’re addicted to the &Other Stories looks on their site, and while some pieces can get very pricey, the budget friendly essentials look like a must-buy.


This global fashion marketplace has the trendiest pieces, and you don’t have to give up your life savings for them! They have a staggering inventory with infinite mix and match possibilities, all whilst keeping your spending sensible.

6. Uniqlo
Not only are the fabrics high quality, but they offer climate-smart apparel at a price that practically no other retailer does. The Japanese apparel store has massive piles of cheap folded items in plastic bags that consumers greedily rip off the shelves.

7. Forever 21
These guys have been great at being cheap and cute for over a decade, and they’re not slowing down any time soon. Their collaborations are always exciting and they’re the perfect place to buy trendy fad pieces at, from onesies to moon boots!

8. Misguided
We are obsessed with this UK brand that has the perfect affordable outerwear options for winter and some great deals, like free shipping over 50 orders and 40% student discounts! Their bodysuits are also amazing and most of their items look designer.

9. Topshop
Twenty-something year old fashionistas and “it” girls flock to Topshop every day, and for good reason. They always have the best New Year’s dresses here that you can get for under a hundred bucks, and also, some pretty kick-ass sales!

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